Use secure email services

  • Mailfence, Belgium, provides a full suite of services, Messaging, Contacts, Calendars, Groups, and Document storage. It can easily replace the G suite. It is a secure email suite that offers end-to-end encryption (through PGP support) and works with different email clients. There is some logging of IP address and some other data, and the code is not open source.

  • Tutanota, Germany, is a small but serious player among secure email providers. It uses a hybrid encryption system that avoids some drawbacks of PGP, and is protected by the GDPR and other pro-privacy EU regulations. So, it does not work with PGP and there is no way to import existing emails (yet).

  • ProtonMail, Switzerland, uses PGP encryption standards for email and stores all messages and attachments encrypted at rest on Swiss servers. ProtonMail has a unique feature for “self-destructing messages” and they have also added address verification and full PGP support.


Reading that carefully, if the message had already been encrypted and the IP address had been that of a VPN, these cases would not exist.