Edit exif metadata in images


  • Click right then properties on the Image file

  • Click on the Details

  • In this tab, at the bottom left, click on “Delete properties and personal information”

  • Select Create a copy with all possible properties removed or Remove the following properties from this file, and select the properties you want to remove.

  • In Origin, you can edit the Author, Data taken, Date acquired, and Copyright.

For more on metadata on Windows:

  • The Details tab divides metadata properties in a number of sections, different for each file type. The image file is divided in six sections. The first section is called Description, and you can click the value field for Title, Subject, Tabs, Comments, and edit its information.

    • Image shows relevant information about the image, all of which is automatically added and cannot be modified.

    • The Camera section includes the details of the camera that was used to take the picture. Some of these fields can be modified.

    • The Advanced photo section shows fields useful for photographers. Only some fields can be edited.

    • File shows file name and type, location path, date created and modified, owner, and computer name where the file resides. These fields can not be edited.

Using IrfanView

This may become complicated if needing to remove EXIF data on multiple images from a complete folder.

IrfanView is a free image viewer software and photos that also gives the possibility to remove all data from an image or photo file. When saving an image, an option “Keep Original EXIF data” is present. Unchecking the option removes all EXIF data from the image file. Can be done in bulk. From the File -> Batch Conversion / rename menu, data on several image files can be deleted in one click.