MITRE Engage is a framework for planning and discussing adversary engagement operations that empowers you to engage your adversaries and achieve your cybersecurity goals.”

MITRE Engage is considered an Adversary Engagement Approach. This is accomplished by the implementation of Cyber Denial and Cyber Deception. With Cyber Denial we prevent the adversary’s ability to conduct their operations and with Cyber Deception we intentionally plant artifacts to mislead the adversary.

The Engage website provides a starter kit to get you ‘started’ with the Adversary Engagement Approach. The starter kit is a collection of whitepapers and PDFs explaining various checklists, methodologies, and processes to get you started.


Categories based on the information on the Engage website.

  • Prepare the set of operational actions that will lead to your desired outcome (input)

  • Expose adversaries when they trigger your deployed deception activities

  • Affect adversaries by performing actions that will have a negative impact on their operations

  • Elicit information by observing the adversary and learn more about their modus operandi (TTPs)

  • Understand the outcomes of the operational actions (output)