Adding data

Splunk can ingest any data. As per the Splunk documentation, when data is added to Splunk, the data is processed and transformed into a series of individual events.

The data sources can be event logs, website logs, firewall logs, etc. Data sources are grouped into categories.

Upload the VPN_logs data and create an index VPN_Logs.

How many events are present in the log file?

Splunk Basics
Answer: 2862

How many log events by the user Maleena are captured?

Splunk Basics
Answer: 60

What is the name associated with IP

Splunk Basics
Answer: Smith

What is the number of events that originated from all countries except France?

Splunk Basics
Answer: 2814

How many VPN Events were observed by the IP

Splunk Basics
Answer: 14

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