The Greenholt Phish
THM: The Greenholt Phish

The Greenholt Phish

A Sales Executive at Greenholt PLC received an email that he didn’t expect to receive from a customer. He claims that the customer never uses generic greetings such as “Good day” and didn’t expect any amount of money to be transferred to his account. The email also contains an attachment that he never requested. He forwarded the email to the SOC (Security Operations Center) department for further investigation.

Investigate the email sample to determine if it is legitimate.


What is the email’s timestamp? (answer format: mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm), Who is the email from?, What is his email address?, and What email address will receive a reply to this email?

Looking at the headers in thunderbird:

The Greenholt Phish
06/10/2020 5:58, Mr. James Jackson,, and

What is the Originating IP?

The Greenholt Phish
NOT the answer
The Greenholt Phish

Who is the owner of the Originating IP? (Do not include the “.” in your answer.)

I used domaintools whois

The Greenholt Phish
Hostwinds Llc

What is the SPF record for the Return-Path domain? and What is the DMARC record for the Return-Path domain?

I used demarcian domain checker:

The Greenholt Phish
v=spf1 -all
v=DMARC1; p=quarantine; fo=1

What is the name of the attachment?

The Greenholt Phish

What is the SHA256 hash of the file attachment?

sha256sum SWT_#09674321____PDF__.CAB
2e91c533615a9bb8929ac4bb76707b2444597ce063d84a4b33525e25074fff3f  SWT_#09674321____PDF__.CAB

What is the attachments file size? (Don’t forget to add “KB” to your answer, NUM KB) and What is the actual file extension of the attachment?

I used VirusTotal:

The Greenholt Phish
400.26 KB resp RAR