Firewall rules

Wireshark is mostly, but not only about packet details; it facilitates the creation of firewall rules with the “Tools -> Firewall ACL Rules” menu. This will open a new window and provide a combination of rules (IP, port and MAC address-based) for different purposes. These rules are generated for implementation on an outside firewall interface.

Currently, Wireshark can create rules for:

  • Netfilter (iptables)

  • Cisco IOS (standard/extended)

  • IP Filter (ipfilter)

  • IPFirewall (ipfw)

  • Packet filter (pf)

  • Windows Firewall (netsh new/old format)


Use the Desktop/exercise-pcaps/bonus/Bonus-exercise.pcap file.

Select packet number 99. Create a rule for IPFirewall (ipfw). What is the rule for denying source IPv4 address?

add deny ip from to any in

Select packet number 231. Create IPFirewall rules. What is the rule for allowing destination MAC address?

add allow MAC 00:d0:59:aa:af:80 any in