Crypto mining

Cryptocurrencies are frequently on the agenda with their constantly rising value and legal aspect. The ability to obtain cryptocurrencies by mining is becoming one of the biggest problems in today’s corporate environments. Attackers not only compromise the systems and ask for a ransom, but sometimes they also install mining tools (crypto-jacking). Other than the attackers and threat actors, sometimes internal threats and misuse of trust and privileges end up installing coin miners in the corporate environment.

Usually, mining cases are slightly different from traditional compromising activities. Internal attacks do not typically contain major malware samples. This does not mean they are not malicious as they are exploiting essential resources like computing power, internet, and electricity. And crypto mining activities require third party applications and tool installations which could be vulnerable or create backdoors. Lastly, mining activities are causing network performance and stability problems.

Coin mining is becoming one of the common use cases of threat hunters.


How many connections used port 19999?

_path=="conn" | 19999 | count()

What is the name of the service used by port 6666?

_path=="conn" | 6666 | cut service

What is the amount of transferred total bytes to

_path=="conn" | | 8888
Transferred bytes

What is the detected MITRE tactic id?

MITRE tactic