Edit exif metadata in images


  • Open Photos app on your Mac.

  • With Photos tab selected in the left pane, rght click any thumbnail on the right and select Get Info. A window opens, showing the file name and format, camera data, and profile photos of people that Photos recognizes.

  • Click in the window, and you can add or edit title, description, keywords and location.

For more data:

  • Open image in Finder.

  • Click Tools > Show Inspector in the top toolbar. This opens a window containing four tabs. The first tab provides summary information, and clicking on the second tab reveals 5 more tabs: General, IPTC, EXIF, JFIF and TIFF. Click on these to see all the metadata information.


ExifEdit gives an intuitive way to edit EXIF & IPTC metadata for thousands of photos in a single click.