A Windows server

What is the version and year of the Windows machine?

Answer: Windows Server 2016

Which user logged in last?

Windows last logon
Answer: Administrator

When did John log onto the system last? Answer format: MM/DD/YYYY H:MM:SS AM/PM

Answer: 03/02/2019 5:48:32 PM

What IP does the system connect to when it first starts?

Windows regedit

What two accounts had administrative privileges (other than the Administrator user)? Answer format: username1, username2

Windows computer management
Answer: Jenny,Guest

What is the name of the scheduled task that is malicious.

Windows task scheduler
Answer: Clean file system

What file was the task trying to run daily?

Answer: nc.ps1

What port did this file listen locally for?

Answer: 1348

When did Jenny last logon?

Answer: Never

At what date did the compromise take place? Answer format: MM/DD/YYYY

Answer: 03/02/2019

At what time did Windows first assign special privileges to a new logon? Answer format: MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS AM/PM

Windows log filter
Filter in Windows Security logs in a time frame and event 4672

Then find the event using the hint: 00/00/0000 0:00:49 PM

Windows event
Answer: 03/02/2019 04:04:49 PM

What tool was used to get Windows passwords?

Windows mimikatz
Answer: Mimikatz

What was the attackers external control and command servers IP?

Windows hosts

What was the extension name of the shell uploaded via the servers’ website?

Windows shell
Answer: .jsp

What was the last port the attacker opened?

Windows firewall inbound
Answer: 1337

Check for DNS poisoning, what site was targeted?

Answer: google.com