Standard Collector Analysis

Investigate an employee who is being accused of leaking private company data.

Taking aaaaaageeeees
Taking AGES, this!


Provide the Operating System detected for the workstation.

Answer: Windows Server 2019 Standard 17763

Provide the BIOS Version for the workstation.

Answer: Xen

What is the suspicious scheduled task that got created on the victim’s computer?


Find the message that the intruder left for you in the task.

Answer: THM-p3R5IStENCe-m3Chani$m

There is a new System Event ID created by an intruder with the source name “THM-Redline-User” and the Type “ERROR”. Find the Event ID #.

Go to the Event Logs tab and filter for THM-Redline-User in the Source category:

Answer: 546

Provide the message for the Event ID.

Answer: Someone cracked my password. Now I need to rename my puppy-++-

It looks like the intruder downloaded a file containing the flag for Question 8. Provide the full URL of the website.

Go to the File Download History tab and look for strange looking downloads:


Provide the full path to where the file was downloaded to including the filename.

Answer: C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Mail\SomeMailFolder\flag.txt

Provide the message the intruder left for you in the file.

Go there and open it in Notepad:

Answer: THM{600D-C@7cH-My-FR1EnD}