Acceptable Use Policy violation

Organization X has an Acceptable Use Policy for their Portable Devices, including Laptops. This policy forbids users from connecting removable or Network drives, installing software from unknown locations, and connecting to unknown networks. It looks like one of the users has violated this policy. Can you help Organization X find out if the user violated the Acceptable Use Policy on their device?

Run KAPE with your desired Target and Module options.

Hint: You can use EZviewer placed in the EZtools folder on Desktop to open CSV files. Answer the questions below


Two USB Mass Storage devices were attached to this Virtual Machine. One had a Serial Number 0123456789ABCDE. What is the Serial Number of the other USB Device?

Answer: 1C6F654E59A3B0C179D366AE

7zip, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox were installed from a Network drive location on the Virtual Machine. What was the drive letter and path of the directory from where these software were installed?

Answer: Z:\Setups

What is the execution date and time of CHROME-SETUP.EXE in MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM?

Answer: 11/25/2021 03:33

What search query was run on the system?

Answer: RunWallpaperSetup.cmd

When was the network named Network 3 First connected to?

Answer: 11/30/2021 15:44

KAPE was copied from a removable drive. Can you find out what was the drive letter of the drive where KAPE was copied from?

Answer: E: